About Us

Drum Dried and Spray Dried Honey, Molasses, and Malt Sweeteners for the Food Industry

Specialty Products facility, manufacturing dried honey and dried molasses

Our "Specialties"

Our company offers a variety of sweeteners made from pure honey, molasses, and malt. These products are offered in a versatile and convenient dry form, packaged in lined cartons or heat sealed bags for ease of use without the mess of liquid handling. We specialize in drum dried honey, drum dried molasses, spray dried honey powders, spray dried molasses powders, and dried malt, as well as many organic products. Through our innovative processing, we are also able to offer our customers an assortment of products that are allergen free, gluten free, soluble, and Non-GMO.

    Advantages of Using Dried Sweeteners Include:

  • Natural product
  • Ease of handling
  • Less mess
  • Pleasing color
  • Great aroma
  • Browning ability
  • Moisture retention
  • Texture
  • Longer shelf life