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Our ingredients assist in making your products look and taste great!

Welcome to Specialty Products & Technology, Inc., a privately owned company that offers a variety of sweeteners made from pure honey, molasses, and malt. Our products are offered in a versatile and convenient dry form, packaged in lined cartons or heat sealed bags for ease of use without the mess of liquid handling. Specialty Products & Technology, Inc. specializes in: drum dried honey, drum dried molasses, spray dried malt powders, spray dried honey powders, spray dried molasses powders and nut coatings.

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Specialty Products & Technology, Inc. has been producing quality products since 1992. With the completion of a new state of the art drum drying facility in Fosston, MN, we now offer flexibility and versatility in meeting customer’s special product formulations & scheduling needs. This facility holds a “Superior” rating with the American Institute of Baking demonstrating Specialty Products & Technology’s commitment to product quality and safety. This also exhibits Specialty Products & Technology’s commitment to maintaining its leadership position in producing spray dried and drum dried products made from pure honey, molasses and malt.

Try Specialty Products & Technology, Inc honey, snack coatings, molasses and malt powders, for breads, baked goods, baking mixes, cereals, sauces, seasonings, nut and snack coatings, meat flavoring, health foods and many other food products that require a natural honey, molasses or malt flavor.

Call 800-833-3704 for more information on any of the products listed, inquiries on custom orders and/or pricing information.

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